This plant is mainly required for the production of ice for the needs of the various processing industries. There are mainly 3 types of ice making plants we serve

Block Ice Plant(Chemicals, Dyes, Domestic consumption),

Flake Ice Plant (Dyes, meat, and Fisheries) and

Cube Ice Plant (Dyes, Beverages)

Apart from this the ice produced with the help of these plants can also be used to maintain the temperature of various food products wherein the products need to be kept cold for a very short period of time.

These plants also produce ice to satisfy the domestic needs of day to day requirements of consumers who do not have access to cold storages.

The temperatures achieved by these plants vary from -9 Degrees Centigrade to -12 Degrees Centigrade for producing ice. The capacity of these plants may vary from 2 Tons to 1000 Tones.

Apart from Ice making business, we also serving the other segment of Refrigeration systems as follows:


Chilling plants are basically needed by various kinds of industries like pharmaceuticals, chemicals, dyes, plastics, petrochemicals, jewellery melting and casting, cements/concrete, steel etc.

These types of industries basically require temperature variation from +5 Degrees Centigrade to -55 Degrees Centigrade. These plants are either used during the process of manufacturing products or after the process completion to bring the products to normal temperatures.

The capacity of this plant ranges between 5 Tons to 500 Tons. This plant basically consists of hollow tubes which are used spirally around the path of the product process. The hollow tubes are filled with water, propylene glycol, methane oil and calcium chloride as per the product process requirement.


Ice cream plants are used for the manufacturing of ice creams. The main advantage of this plant is that the temperature is constantly maintained during the production of ice creams and this helps in maintaining the strength of the ice cream.

There are mainly 2 types of ice cream plants like Spiral and IQF (Instant Quick Freezing). Spiral Ice Cream Plants are basically smaller in size in comparison to IQF Ice Cream Plants. There is also a huge difference in the cost expenditure between these two types wherein spiral plants are cheaper in comparison to IQF plants.

The main purpose of both these plants is to harden the ice cream and to maintain the temperature and contents of the ice cream. The temperature in this plant varies from as low as -5 Degrees Centigrade to -30 Degrees Centigrade. The capacity of this plant ranges between 1 MT (Metric Tons) to 200 MT (Metric Tons). The storage period for ice cream in this plant is for a maximum of 30 days.